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By sending us your completed questionnaire, you will be asking us to look at your case and to consider representing you. Sending us a completed questionnaire does NOT mean that we will take your case. We make no promise to you that we will do so, and we will not become your attorneys just because you send a completed questionnaire to us. However, all communications from you to us will be kept strictly confidential regardless of whether or not we become your attorneys.

Please also be aware that sending us a completed questionnaire does not mean that we will take any action to preserve your rights or to file a timely claim or lawsuit unless we accept your case and agree to represent you.

All legal claims have time limits for filing. It is always wise to seek the opinion of a qualified, competent attorney as soon as possible after an injury or harm occurs so that evidence may be gathered and preserved, and important deadlines can be met in order to hold all responsible parties accountable.

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