Workers' Compensation Law

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As part of our firm’s longstanding commitment to the working people of San Diego County, we have attorneys who specialize in the practice of Workers’ Compensation law and a dedicated staff who assist them in their efforts on behalf of injured workers.

California’s Workers’ Compensation system is designed to assure every California worker certain basic rights when injured in the course of employment regardless of fault. There are generally two categories of workplace injuries: those resulting from a specific incident, such as a fall from a ladder; and those resulting from a continuous or cumulative trauma, such as repetitive typing on a keyboard. 

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In some situations, an injured worker has a right to receive compensation under both the Workers’ Compensation law and under the civil law. Here are some examples:

To protect your rights under the civil law — in addition to your rights under the Workers’ Compensation Statute — it is often critical that evidence be preserved, inspected and photographed on a timely basis. On these occasions, getting competent legal representation can make the difference between a complete and only a partial recovery for all the harm done. See Injury Law.

Whether or not another party will or may become accountable for the harm you have suffered, your employer remains responsible for your injury under California’s Workers’ Compensation law regardless of fault. You have five basic rights under the Workers’ Compensation system. 

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Your Five (5) Basic Rights:
Enforcement of these five basic rights can involve complications — for example, when an employer denies that the injury occurred in the course of the worker’s employment or when an injured worker has a preexisting medical condition; and there are often disagreements about the extent of a worker’s permanent disability and whether or not he or she can return to the same work.

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